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Yueqing Dendrobium seedling sales nationwide this year prices rebounded significantly

The spring season, Yueqing made Dendrobium seedlings industry has also ushered in the spring. The country merchants gathered in Yueqing Jing mountain, stepping up the procurement of Dendrobium seedlings.

Sales of Dendrobium seedlings

March 27, Dendrobium candidum production base in East Asia, four or five workshop in a bustle, workers deftly will Dendrobium seedlings were placed in transparent glass bottles, ordinary bottle be settled down in the green seedling seems to be full of vitality. The first floor of the entrance channel, the accumulation of thousands of bottles of Dendrobium seedlings.

Is expected to all sold more than 100 million bottles east of Dendrobium candidum responsible person Jin Chuangao introduction, in August last year started to 80 million bottles. At the beginning of this year began selling, has sold more than 30 million bottles, order to June.

"Too many orders, Yueqing local customers to digest a part of Guangxi, Yunnan, Hunan, Guangdong and other places customers are under the order, the largest single has 80000 bottles, at least four thousand or five thousand bottles." Jin Chuangao said, this year the supply of Dendrobium seedlings, the average daily sales of at least 5000 bottles, 20000 bottles of the peak.

In his impression, Dendrobium seedlings sales in 2012 is the peak, he sold 5000000 bottles. He admitted that although the current prices and sales than in 2012, but from a long-term point of view, dendrobe planting area still will expand, just to enhance the quality of Dendrobium seedlings, scientific management, market sales will rise.

As the city another well-known d.candidum seedling enterprises, Zhejiang iron Feng Tong Technology Co., Ltd. is working overtime to produce Dendrobium seedlings. At the end of last year, the company orders come in a throng, local and Guangxi, Yunnan farmers have come to place an order.

The person in charge of the company Song Xianshui introduction, in March this year so far, Dendrobium seedlings, hasten is nervous and prepare the company's 30 million bottles of Dendrobium seedlings did not sell, this year the price of 10 yuan per bottle, now has up to 12 yuan per bottle, but customers are scrambling predetermined.

Prices bottomed out

The market demand, the price of Yueqing d.candidum seedling was also started bottoming out.

From 2010 to 2012, cultivation of Dendrobium candidum in wave after wave, the city and Guangxi, Yunnan and other places began large area cultivation of Dendrobium candidum and Yueqing d.candidum seedling was once hot, even wait in line for goods, open the door for goods phenomenon. Prices also rose from 15 yuan / bottle, up to 25 yuan / bottle. I also from several Dendrobium tissue culture room original, expanded to more than 30.

Since then, Dendrobium candidum market freeze, Dendrobium seedlings go downhill, 2013 bottle prices maintained at around 18 yuan, but to the 2014 low to 78 yuan, the price hit the supplier's price. "Excessive market development, sales demand, quality is uneven, considering all the factors, Yueqing Dendrobium seedlings fell to a low point." Jin Chuangao introduced, in the most difficult sales in 2014, breeding households in order to reduce losses, even three five yuan per bottle sold.

In the past two years, the city nursery not only pay attention to sales, start in variety of efforts, active cooperation with the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, R & D excellent Dendrobium seedling varieties. Yueqing production of Dendrobium seedlings had a very high popularity, now R & D of Dendrobium seedling disease resistant and strong, rooting and seedling better, a high survival rate, and can quickly dominate the market.

In addition, Dendrobium as health care products, popularity increased year by year, the consumer market began to radiation to all parts of the country. Throughout the country last year sales of Dendrobium is bigger, need to add new Dendrobium seedlings. On the other hand, cultivation of Dendrobium candidum Dendrobium seedling area is still expanding, demand expansion, which also led to Dendrobium seedling bottoming.
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