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Yueqing tin caulis dendrobii industry association was founded in 2012 on August 6, now the office address in the town of yueqing yueqing possessors village creek road, come loose with the constitution of the specification and management system, archives, complete machine account.Membership of 331 people, there are 10 association team, technical backbone 42 people, caulis dendrobii experts 15 people as technical adviser, drive the 5700 peasant households.Association by yueqing engaged in tin caulis dendrobii cultivation, transformation, processing, marketing, scientific research units and individuals that are composed of voluntary nonprofit organization, belongs to the corporation.Equipped with a full-time staff of five, in maintaining the legitimate rights and interests, reflect the appeal, the respect such as service has played a positive role, agricultural materials products designated supply, unified service rate above 90%.Implementing the folk non-profit organization accounting system financial independent accounting norms, legal and rational use of funds and assets.This association closely around the industry representatives, industry service, self-discipline and coordination functions, actively carry out the activities.Stick to get things done for the member, let members get affordable, enhance cohesion and vitality, enhance the authority of society, give full play to the association of connecting bridge between the government and the enterprises and farmers, to do all kinds of communication, be a good agent, farmers to provide technical training for the enterprise, market information, promote sales to carry out technical exchanges, supplies and other services.Yueqing city is the national iron caulis dendrobii (maple bucket) processing the main base, has a good industrial base, has formed a good development trend of industry.Yandang mountain local varieties of tin caulis dendrobii and tin curiosa of caulis dendrobii, according to new "compendium" records, caulis dendrobii on "good taste sweet, wenzhou is the most, a little time in guangxi, guangdong is the most", caulis dendrobii will advocate in yandang mountain in wenzhou, yueqing yandangshan is tin caulis dendrobii origin, yandang mountain iron caulis dendrobii because of its quality pure, is very popular in Japan, Hong Kong and southeast Asia market.Yandangshan varieties of tin caulis dendrobii has a red, red leaves, plant stem short thick, typical characteristics, such as the variety has high caulis dendrobii polysaccharide content, less fiber content, good taste, yandang mountain area of farmers engaged in tin caulis dendrobii acquisition, processing and marketing has a history of hundreds of years, yueqing workers, more than 30000 people, both the size of enterprises, cooperative, plantation has nearly 200, output value in 1.5 billion yuan, half of the total output value of yueqing city agriculture, so engaged in sheet metal in yueqing caulis dendrobii has the advantages of traditional people awareness is high, good mass base.Association attaches great importance to promote new technology, vigorously popularize science and technology information, work closely with zhejiang academy of agricultural sciences', set up the first agricultural academician workstation, for enterprises in the development of farmer, improve iron caulis dendrobii industry to provide technical support, technical problems facing society establish expert database, employ 15 caulis dendrobii domestic senior experts as technical advisers.Organizing training for three years more than 2500 person-time, update the propaganda 22, benefit of 14000 m, 670 copies of books and all kinds of technical data, in a timely manner to the enterprises and farmers to teach practical technical knowledge, improve the scientific quality of the farmers and professional skills.Independent research and development a mist insulation waterproof drops of tin caulis dendrobii greenhouses, and popularization and application in the general members, in collaboration with zhejiang forestry college and wenzhou planting technology promoted development imitation wild forests.Created 22 popular science demonstration bases, cultivate science and technology demonstration of 121 peasant households.Association hosted two iron caulis dendrobii cultural festival, built the scientific understanding iron caulis dendrobii, tin caulis dendrobii scientific consumption, scientific development tin caulis dendrobii social atmosphere.Yueqing city has won the "national iron caulis dendrobii biological industry base", "China tin caulis dendrobii of the township", "China tin caulis dendrobii maple pipe processing of the township", "iron caulis dendrobii production base in zhejiang province" title, tin caulis dendrobii and wenzhou non-material cultural heritage, have been obtained.To guide the enterprise to create brand, won the provincial high-quality goods 1 garden, get provinces gold medal and the sixth China yiwu international forest products expo gold medal each 1, wenzhou Dan welcome boutique park 1, 1 outstanding innovative enterprises in zhejiang province.Association organization sound, the party branch, have been established, the various rules and regulations, through the yearly check every year.
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